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What is SILENT Resorts?
Silent Resorts is a member-owned, luxurious yet relaxed beach and yacht club with elegant, fully furnished beachfront villas, solar-powered Silent Yachts, beachfront clubhouse and other exclusive amenities. Members are catered to by their club staff and receive highly personalized private club services. Members can stay in their meticulously appointed villas or luxurious solar yachts during their frequent and flexible vacations. They enjoy an idyllic island and yachting lifestyle while their Silent Resorts staff ensures worry-free membership and hassle-free vacations. Silent Resorts also offers full ownership of their Silent Residences and Silent Yachts, fully managed buy the island team.
Where is it located?

Silent Resorts first resort: Silent Resorts Bahamas.

Located on an idyllic, 38-acre, private island in The Bahamas.
How does it work?
Owners have shared ownership of a private island, luxury waterfront residences, and a fleet of solar powered yachts. Silent Resorts Bahamas will be limited to 240 members, who will enjoy 16 4-bedroom residences, 8 60' solar yachts custom made by Silent Yachts, a beachfront clubhouse and pool, health & wellness center, electric water sports amenities, private beach, organic gardens, and all the Bahamas has to offer.

As a owner, you will have full access to all Silent Resorts worldwide, and exchange privileges with our global luxury residence partners.

All owners have a minimum of 24 days of residence usage and 12 days of crewed yacht experience every year. And if your travel schedule is flexible, you can stay longer. How you design your stay is up to you. And where the yacht takes you is between you and the captain!
How to join SILENT Resorts?
Founding Owner
Limited to the first 25 members, $445,000 fully reimbursed
Founding Owners will have their $445,000 Ownership cost fully re-paid, and retain the benefits of being a lifetime member/owner in Silent Resorts.
Regular Ownership
The average lifetime ownership cost will range from $595,000 to $795,000,
As a owner, you will have full access to all Silent Resorts worldwide, and exchange privileges with our global luxury residence partners.
Exclusive Silent Partnership
Our Island Residences and Silent Yachts range in price from $3,500,000 to $6,500,000.
If your goal is to own an Island Residence, or Silent Yacht now, with the option to use it full time or retire to island life or explore the world on your own yacht, Silent Resorts is offering a select number of Silent Partnerships.

How Many Guests can Stay of a Silent Yacht?
The Silent Yachts 60 and 80 foot models are equivalent to a floating luxury villa. The yachts have 4 guest suites with private bathrooms, and accommodations for our 2 crew members. They also feature a spacious salon living room, a chef's kitchen, indoor and outdoor dining, flybridge, and sundeck. . . , and of course a pool the size of an ocean!
Can I send guests to enjoy my Silent Resorts vacations?
Yes. Just as with any vacation home or personally owned yacht, members may invite unaccompanied guests to use any of their confirmed vacations without a guest fee. And you can simultaneously reserve more than one villa and a yacht for the same dates to host a large gathering of family and friends.

Does it get any better than this?

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