Annual maintenance pack

Exterior Boat Washing and Wipe Dry
Interior Cleaning
Complete Systems Check: electronics, lights, engine start with emailed reports
Bottom Scrub & Anods, Propeller and other underwater parts check with video report
Running Gear Check with monthly reports
Engine maintanence
Visaul check of spars and rig
General cleaning with deck whitening and cleaning and polishing of chrome and stainless parts

Benefits of maintaining your yacht with Yacht Consulting Barcelona

Multilingual service
One person to call for any of your boating needs
We already found best professionals for different nautical works
Free assistance in planning your yacht voyage and free onshore support for any help
Free maintenance plan, managing and custom maintenance log book
Small bonuses of Yacht Consulting Barcelona service, before your arrival
A car will meet you in airport and bring you to the boat
Yacht is clean in and out
Water tank is full
Waste tank is empty
The beds are made with sheets the way you like it
All covers are off or on, as you wish
Aircondition is at temperature you like
In case you arrive at night, boat is waiting you with salon light turned on
Your provision list has been purchased and put away in your galley
Leave your mail and we will contact you in the next 24 hours.

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